About the Conference Organizers

Madison Moore, Conference Chair (Yale University)

Madison Moore is a 5th year Ph.D. Candidate in American Studies at Yale. He is broadly interested in modern and contemporary art, performance studies, glamour studies and popular music studies. His dissertation project, “Rituals of Vanity: Spectacular Performances of Glamour in American Popular Culture,” looks at the impact of glamour in a number of different contexts. Madison is also a regular contributor to the online magazines Splice TodayThought Catalog and has been see on Jezebel. He is working on his first novel, AMERICAN VANITY.

Alex Tudela, Conference Co-Chair (Columbia University)

Alex Tudela is a first-year graduate student in the American Studies Master of Arts program at Columbia University.  His interests are within urban studies, fashion studies, mid-twentieth century history, and popular culture.  He graduated with a B.A. in American Civilization from Brown University.  At Columbia, Alex will work on intellectualizing the street style blog.

Lauren Ritz, Undergraduate Student Organizer (Yale University)

Kristin Graves, Graduate Student Organizer (Yale University)

Kristin received her B.A. from Tulane in 2008 with majors in French, English, and Art History as well as minors in Italian Studies and History. She is in Yale’s join program in French and African American Studies. Her general interest include nineteenth and twentieth century expatriation, performance, politics of reception, queer theory, and dialogue between art and literature.

Mary Anne Lewis, Graduate Student Organizer (Yale University)

Mary Anne earned a dual degree in Accounting and French Literature at the University of Notre Dame in 2003. Upon graduating, she accepted a Fulbright appointment to teach English in a suburb of Troyes, France. After returning to the United States, she worked as a credit analyst before beginning graduate school at the University of Minnesota. In 2008, Mary Anne earned her M.A. in French Literature and continues to cultivate her interests in literature of the Maghreb, the writer’s role in social justice and human rights, prison literature, and questions of responsibility on the part of both reader and writer. She has been awarded grants from the Kellogg Institute, the Nanovic Institute, and the Scholarly Events Fund. Mary Anne entered the Ph.D. program in French at Yale in the fall of 2008 and is currently awaiting publication of two translations in Cultural Poetics: A Reader.


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